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Mercury Records was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1945 by Irving Green, Berle Adams and Arthur Talmadge.

They were a major force in jazz and blues, classical music, rock and roll, and country music recordings. In 1946/47 Mercury opened two pressing plants, one in Chicago and the other in St. Louis, Missouri.
With the use of automatic presses and providing 24-hour turnaround, they went into direct competition with the major recording labels such as Columbia, Decca, and RCA Victor.

In 1947 Mercury hired two promoters, Tiny Hill (a who had his own orchestra) and Jimmy Hilliard, they had deep impact on the pop market with names such as Vic Damone, Tony Fontane, Frankie Laine and Patti Page.

In 1947 Jack Rael, a musician and publicist/manager, persuaded Mercury to let Patti Page (whom he managed) to record a song that had been planned to be done by Vic Damone, "Confess" (Charted July 1948). The budget was too small for them to hire a second singer to provide the "answer" parts to Page, so at Rael's suggestion she did both voices. This became the first documented example of "overdubbing," and Patti Page became one of the artists best known for the use of this technique.

The company released an enormous number of recordings under the Mercury label as well as its subsidiaries (Blue Rock Records, Cumberland Records, EmArcy Records, Fontana Records, Limelight Records, Philips Records, Smash Records and Wing Records). In addition, they leased and purchased material by independent labels and redistributed them.

Under their own label, Mercury released a variety of recording styles from classical music to psychedelic rock. However, its subsidiaries focused on their own specialized categories of music.

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Label Number - Artist - Album Title [Issue Date when known][Billboard listing when known]
/ Between songs // Other side [when known]

This list is incomplete:

814 387-1 The Trio - Bye Bye/made in Holland

EMS 2 402 S Buddy Rich - Both Sides (mono & stereo recordings, 1946-60) [2 lps]

Need Photo MG-20000 Alfred Newman - Popular Classics

Need Photo MG-20001 Charles E. Cronham - Hymns Of Faith - Hope - Joy & Ring Out Christmas Bells

Need Photo MG-20002 Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra/Philharmonic Orchestra Of Prague - Waltz With Me To The Music Of Strauss & Waltz With Me To The Music Of Waldteuful

Need Photo MG-20003 Alfred Newman - Operatic Arais & Music To Remember

Need Photo MG-20004 Nicolas Matthey/Alexander Haas - Magyar Gypsy Melodies

Need Photo MG-20005 Alfred Newman - Captain From Castile OST

Need Photo MG-20006 Jose Melis - Piano Stylings: South American Way

Need Photo MG-20007 Richard Dyer-Bennett/Tom Glazer - Olden Ballads

Need Photo MG-20008 Tony Kraber/Earl Robinson - The Old Chisholm Trail Need Photo MG-20009 Erroll Garner - At The Piano

Ralph Marterie - Sweet and Lovely MG-20010 Ralph Marterie - Sweet and Lovely

Truly/Danse Arabe/For You/Vilia/Anniversary Song//
Green Dolphin Street/Yesterdays/Sweet And Lovely/It Ain't Necessarily So - Summertime/Heartbroken

Need Photo MG-20011 Adrian Rollini Trio

Need Photo MG-20014 Erich Leinsdorf And Henry Weber - Famous Orchestral Highlights From Grand Opera

Need Photo MG-20016 V.A. - Tenor Jazz

MG-20017 not used

MG-20018 not used

MG-20019 not used

MG-20020 not used

MG-20021 not used

MG-20022 not used

MG-20023 not used

MG-20024 not used

MG-20025 not used

MG-20026 not used

MG-20027 not used

MG-20028 not used

MG-20029 not used

MG-20030 not used

MG-20031 not used

MG-20032 not used

MG-20033 not used

MG-20034 not used

Need Photo MG-20035 Sophie Tucker - My Dream

Need Photo MG-20037 ?

Need Photo MG-20038 Alfred Newman - An American In Paris & Motion Picture Music

Need Photo MG-20039 [1963]

Need Photo MG-20042 Panar & Orchestra - Dancetime In Havana

Need Photo MG-20046 Sophie Tucker - Cabaret Days no details ** also issued on Wing MGW 12213

Billy Daniels - Love Me or Leave Me MG-20047 Billy Daniels - Love Me or Leave Me [Platter Label reads This is My Beloved

It's Easy To Remember/Imagination/Love Me or Leave Me/That Old Feeling/My Funny Valentine/This is My Beloved//
Please/I Only Have Eyes For You/I Can Dream Can't I/Bewitched, Brothered and Bewildered/What A Differant A Day Makes/ More Than You Know/I Still Get A Thrill Thinking Of You

MG 20047 Billy Daniels - Love Me Or Leave Me MG 20048 Richard Hayman - Music For Romance MG 20049 Sophie Tucker - Fifty Golden Years MG 20050 not used MG 20051 The Favorite Songs Of Ethel Waters Ralph Marterie - Dance Date MG-20053 Ralph Marterie - Dance Date

MG 20054 Ralph Marterie - Alone Together MG 20055 Erroll Garner - Mambo Moves Garner MG 20056 Songs By Anna Maria Alberghetti MG 20059 V.A. - Cinerama Holiday MG 20061 Jack Shaindlin - Academy Award Favorites MG 20062 Buddy Morrow - Shall We Dance MG 20063 Erroll Garner - Solitaire MG 20064 David Carroll - Toe Tappers MG 20065 Xavier Cugat - Cugat's Favorites MG 20066 Ralph Marterie - Dance Band In Town MG 20067 Crew Cuts Go Long Hair MG 20068 Rusty Draper - Music For A Rainy Night MG 20069 Songs By Frankie Laine MG 20070 In Concert: Alfred Newman Conducts The Hollywood Symphony Orchestra MG 20071 Georgia Gibbs - Music And Memories MG 20072 Jan August Plays Songs To Remember MG-20074 Harmonicats - Selected Favorites

MG 20075 Tony Martin - Mr. Song Man MG 20076 Patti Page - Romance On The Range MG 20078 Jan August - Music For The Quiet Hour MG 20079 Tony Martin - Dream Music MG 20080 Frankie Laine - That's My Desire MG 20081 not used MG 20082 Eddy Howard - Shall We Dance? MG 20083 Frankie Laine - Songs For People Together MG 20084 Jack Fina - Concerto For Dreams MG 20085 Frankie Laine - Concert Date MG 20086 David Carroll - Waltzes, Wine And Candlelight MGD 20087 V.A. - Pop Parade MG 20088 Red Prysock - Rock 'N Roll MGD 20089 V.A. - Pop Parade MG 20090 Erroll Garner - Afternoon Of An Elf MG 20091 Lawrence Welk - Music For Polka Lovers MG 20092 Lawrence Welk - Dance Party Christmas With Patti Page MG-20093 Patti Page - Christmas With Patti Page

Jingle Bells/Silnet Night/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/The Christmas Song/The First Noel/Christmas Choir

MG 20094 Sarah Vaughan At The Blue Note MG 20095 Patti Page - Page One - Sings A Collection Of Her Most Famous Songs MG 20096 Patti Page - Page Two - Sings A Collection Of Her Most Famous Songs MG 20097 Patti Page - Page Three - Easy Listening MG 20098 Patti Page - You Go To My Head MG 20099 Patti Page - Music For Two In Love

MG 20100 The Voice Of Patti Page MG 20101 Patti Page - Page 4 MG 20102 Patti Page - This Is My Song MG 20103 Richard Hayman - The Touch MG 20104 Billy Daniels - Around That Time MG 20105 Frankie Laine - With All My Heart MG 20107 Jerry Murad And The Harmonicats - South American Nights MG 20108 Xavier Cugat - Mambo! MG 20109 David Carroll - Dancer's Delight MG 20110 Dancing To The Blues With Clyde McCoy MG 20111 Eddy Howard - Sleepy Serenade MG 20112 Eddy Howard - Singing In The Rain MG 20113 Reminiscing With Richard Hayman MG 20114 Song Favorites Of Georgia Gibbs MG 20115 Richard Hayman - Serenade For Love MG 20116 Sammy Spear - Authentic Ragtime Music MG 20118 Songs By Rusty Draper MG 20119 Dinah Washington - Music For A First Love MG 20120 Dinah Washington - Music For Late Hours MG 20121 David Carroll - Waltzes MG 20122 Jerry Murad And The Harmonicats - Command Performance MG 20123 Richard Hayman - Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing Ralph Marterie - Swing Baby MG-20124 Ralph Marterie - Swing Baby

Ralph Marterie - On Bandstand No. 1 MG-20125 Ralph Marterie - On Bandstand No. 1

MG 20126 Sophie Tucker - The Spice Of Life MG 20127 Jose Melis - Latin American Styling Ralph Marterie - A Salute to The Aragon Ballroom MG-20128 Ralph Marterie - A Salute to The Aragon Ballroom

MG 20129 Richard Hayman - Come With Me To Far Away Places MG 20130 Richard Shores - Emotions MG 20133 V.A. - Swinging For The King MG 20135 Shay Torrent & Ralph Bell - Organ Fantasies In Hi-Fi MG 20136 Jerry Murad And The Harmonicats - The Cat's Meow MG 20139 Shay Torrent - Organ Melodies In Hi Fi MG 20140 Crew Cuts On The Campus MG 20141 Dick Contino - Something For The Girls MG 20142 Dick Contino - An Accordion In Paris MG 20143 Crew Cuts Capers MG 20144 The Crew Cuts - Rock And Roll Bash MG 20145 OST - Oh Rosalinda!! MG 20146 The Platters MG 20147 Jan August - Piano Roll Blues MG 20148 O.S.T. - Alexander The Great MG 20149 Grace Kelly - Wedding In Monaco MG 20150 Ron Terry - Music For Happy Dancers MG 20151 Basin Street Six - Strictly Dixie MG 20152 John Cali - Banjo On My Knee MG 20154 David Carroll - Shimmering Strings MG 20155 not used MG 20157 Gus Bivona - Hey! Dig That Crazy Band! MG 20158 Sam Makia And His Waikikians - Hawaiian Holiday MG 20159 Lou Stein - Honky Tonk Piano MG 20161 V.A. - Songs For The Mood You're In MG 20162 Carl Stevens - Music For Baton Twirlers MG 20163 Vic Damone - Yours For A Song MG 20164 Gilberto And His Musibana Orchestra - Cha Cha Cha MG 20165 Miyoshi Umeki - Miyoshi Sings For Arthur Godfrey MG 20166 David Carroll - Percussion In Hi-Fi MG 20167 V.A. - Sweet And Solid MG 20169 Betty Glamann - Swinging On A Harp MG 20170 Georgia Gibbs - Swinging With Her Nibs MG 20171 Muggsy Spanier And His Dixieland Band MG 20173 Rusty Draper - Rusty Meets Hoagy MG 20174 Ralph Marterie - Love Themes From The Classics MG 20175 Hal Mooney - Any Time MG 20178 Marty Brill - The Roving Balladeer MG 20180 Hal Mooney - Dreamland U.S.A. MG 20182 Nick Noble With Carl Stevens And His Orchestra - You Don't Know What Love Is - The Romantic Voice Of Nick Noble MG 20183 Kitty White - And Now For Your Musical Enjoyment MG 20185 Art Hodes - Jazz Chicago Style MG 20186 The Gaylords - Italia! MG 20187 The One And Only Pearl Bailey Sings MG 20188 Eddie Barclay - Film Festival At Cannes MG 20190 Eddie Barclay - Paris For Lovers MG 20191 Jimmy Palmer - First On Wax MG 20192 Richard Hayman - Instrumental Selections From "My Fair Lady" MG 20193 Vic Damone - Favorites MG 20194 The Voice Of Vic Damone MG 20195 Songs After Hours With Chuck Miller MG 20196 Marie Knight - Songs Of The Gospel MG 20197 I'm Pat Morrissey, I Sing MG 20198 Ralph Marterie - Young America Dances MG 20199 The Crew Cuts - Music Ala Carte MG 20200 Jorgen Ingmann - Swinging Guitar MG 20201 Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Gospel Train MG 20202 Paul Pincus - Music For Happy Occasions Josh White - Josh White's Blues MG-20203 Josh White - Josh White's Blues [1957]

MG 20204 Buddy Morrow - A Salute To The Fabulous Dorseys Malcolm Lockyer - Seasons Of Love MG-20205 Malcolm Lockyer - Seasons Of Love [1956]

MG 20206 Emil Stern - Moody MG 20207 Tom Corley - Famous Operettas MG 20208 Eddie Layton - Organ Moods In Hi-Fi MG 20209 Buddy Johnson - Rock 'N Roll Buddy Morrow - Music For Dancing Feet MG-20210 Buddy Morrow - Music For Dancing Feet (reissue of MGW-12006)
Music For Happy Feet/Who's Sorry Now/Scrub-A-Dub-Dub/So All Alone/Buddy's Blues/Main Title From “The Man With The Golden Arm”//
Bone Dance/Muskrat Ramble/Ron's Folly/Georgia Bop Dance/Ling Ting Tong/Carioca MG 20211 Red Prysock - Fruit Boots MG 20212 Carl Stevens - Music From The Big Top MG 20213 The Platters/The Crew Cuts/The Diamonds/The Gaylords - A Collection Of Golden Hits MG 20215 Emil Stern - Paris Calling MG 20216 The Platters, Vol. 2 MG 20217 Hawaiian Troubadors - Hawaiian Memories MG 20218 Glenn Osser - Be There At 5 MG 20219 Sarah Vaughan - Wonderful Sarah MG 20220 Sarah Vaughan - Two Tickets To Paris MG 20221 Buddy Morrow And His Golden Trombone MG 20222 Harry Blons And His Dixie Six - 6 On A Dixie Kick MG 20223 Sarah Vaughan - In A Romantic Mood MG 20226 Patti Page - Manhattan Tower MG 20227 Tito Guizar - Romantic Mexico MG 20228 Eddie Kay - Music For Popped People MG 20229 Lonnie Donegan - An Englishman Sings American Folk Songs MG 20230 Jerry Byrd - On The Shores Of Waikiki MG 20231 Morgana King Sings The Blues MG 20232 Harpo Marx - Harpo In Hi-Fi MG 20233 Vivian Blaine - Songs From The Ziegfeld Follies MG 20234 Vivian Blaine - Songs From The Great White Way MG 20235 Richard Hayman - Two Tickets To Rome MG 20236 Augusto Alguero - Arrivederci Roma MG 20237 Sil Austin - Slow Walk Rock MG 20239 The Three Flames - At The Bon Soir MG 20241 Karl Von Stevens - In The Land Of Oom Pah Pah MG 20242 Louis Jordan - Somebody Up There Digs Me MG 20243 Wal-Berg And His Orchestra - A Night In Old Vienna MG 20244 Sarah Vaughan - Great Songs From Hit Shows, Vol. 1 MG 20245 Sarah Vaughan - Great Songs From Hit Shows, Vol. 2 MG 20246 Jim Lowe - The Door Of Fame MG 20247 Dinah Washington - The Best In Blues MG 20248 not used MG 20249 not used MG 20250 not used MG 20251 not used MG 20252 not used MG 20253 not used MG 20254 not used MG 20255 not used MG 20256 not used MG 20258 Eric Delaney - Mainly Delaney MG 20260 Pete Rugolo - An Adventure In Sound - Reeds In Hi-Fi MG 20261 Pete Rugolo - An Adventure In Sound - Brass In Hi-Fi MG 20264 not used? MG 20265 Eddie Barclay - French Pastry MG 20266 Marcel Pagnoul - Waltzes Of Vienna MG 20267 Sophie Tucker - Bigger And Better Than Ever MG 20270 The Clebanoff Strings - Moods In Music MG 20271 Lou Stein - Saloon Favorites (not released?) MG 20272 Jan August - Cocktails And Conversations MG 20273 Jan August - Piano Roll Blues MG 20274 Jan August - Latin Rhythms MG 20275 Jose Melis - Tonight, It's Music MG 20276 The Piano Wizardry Of Jan August MG 20277 Pearl Bailey Sings MG 20278 Harry Arnold - Best Of Noel Coward MG 20280 David LeWinter - An Evening At The Pump Room MG 20281 David Carroll - Let's Dance MG 20282 V.A. - Hillbilly Hit Parade Luis Tuebols and His Argentine Orchestra - Tangos And Pasadobles Mercury MG-20283 Luis Tuebols and His Argentine Orchestra - Tangos And Pasadobles High Fidelity

My Steed (Mi Jaca)/Spirit Of Andalusia (Aime Andaluza)/Manolete/ This Is Arruza (Este Es Arruza)/Hey Little Gypsy (Ole Malena/Spanish Pride (Orgullo Espanol)//
Pick Up (Griseta)/Inquietude/Rawson/Neglige/Little Charley (Carlitos)/Street Walker (Pregonera)

MG 20285 I Love John Frigo... He Swings MG 20286 David Carroll - The Feathery Feeling MG 20287 V.A. - Fire Down Below MG 20288 Griff Williams - America's Most Danceable Music MG 20289 Freddie Bell And The Bellboys - Rock & Roll... All Flavors MG 20290 A Tribute To A Sentimental Gentleman (Buddy Morrow Plays Tommy Dorsey) MG 20292 Jorgen Ingmann - Swing Softly MG 20294 Ralph Marterie - Jumpin' Trumpet MG 20295 Len Mercer - Souvenir Of Italy MG 20296 Richard Hayman - Havana In Hi-Fi MG 20297 Lord Christo - Authentic Calypso MG 20298 The Flying Platters MG 20299 Dick Contino - Polka Time MG 20300 Dick Contino - It's Dance Time MG 20301 David Carroll - Dreams MG 20302 Joe Loco - Calypso Dance MG 20304 Steve Allen/Gus Bivona - Swingin' And Dancin' MG 20305 Florian Zabach - Till The End Of Time MG 20306 George Jones Sings MG 20307 Red Prysock - The Beat MG 20308 Eddie Layton - No Blues On This Cruise MG 20309 The Diamonds MG 20310 Sarah Vaughan - Sings George Gershwin, Vol. 1 MG 20311 Sarah Vaughan - Sings George Gershwin, Vol. 2 MG 20312 Eddy Howard - Paradise Isle - Songs Of The Islands MG 20313 The Harmonicats - Dolls Dolls Dolls MG 20314 The Del Vikings - They Sing...They Swing MG 20315 Indianapolis Speedway Motor Racing - 500 Miles To Glory MG-20316 Sarah Vaughan * Billy Eckstine - Sing The Best Of Irving Berlin

MG 20317 Billy Williams - Oh Yeah! MG 20318 Patti Page - The Waltz Queen MG 20320 Sil Austin And Orchestra - Everything's Shakin' MG 20321 Vivian Blaine - From Pal Joey / Annie Get Your Gun MG 20322 Buddy Johnson - Walkin' MG 20323 Carl Story And His Rambling Mountaineers - Gospel Quartet Favorites MG-20324 Marion Evans - Wish You Were Here

MG 20325 Manny Albam - With All My Love MG 20326 Sarah Vaughan And Her Trio At Mister Kelly's MG 20329 Blue Stars Of France - Pardon My English MG 20330 Buddy Johnson Wails MG 20331 Louis Jordan - Man, We're Wailin' MG 20332 Lola Martinez - Music For Dinner In Rio MG 20333 Billy Eckstine - Billy's Best MG 20334 Griff Williams - We Could Have Danced All Night MG 20335 Bobby Christian - Mr. Percussion MG 20336 The Hits That Made Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra Famous MG 20339 Eddie Constantine - The Rage Of Paris MG 20340 Emil Stern - While Waiting For You MG 20342 Michel Legrand - C'est Magnifique MG 20343 Carmen Mastren - Banjorama MG 20345 Jerry Byrd - Steel Guitar Favorites MG 20346 Tommy Jackson's Square Dance Fiddle Favorites MG 20347 Ella Johnson With Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra - Swing Me MG 20348 Jimmy Palmer - The Palmer Method Of Dancing MG 20349 The Stanley Brothers - Country Pickin' And Singin' MG 20350 Opry Stars - Country Music Jamboree MG 20351 David Carroll - Dance And Stay Young MG 20353 The Del Vikings - The Swingin, Singing Record Session MG 20354 Ernestine Anderson - Hot Cargo! MG 20355 Nicholas Brothers - We Do Sing Too MG 20356 The Gaylords - Let's Have A Pizza Party MG 20357 John Cali - The Banjo Minstrel Man MG 20358 Lester Flatt/Earl Scruggs - Country Music MG 20359 On Stage With The Carlisles MG 20361 David Romaine - It's Just The Gypsy In My Soul MG 20362 Jerry Murad And The Harmonicats In The Land Of Hi-Fi MG 20363 Harpo Marx - Harpo At Work MG 20364 Lou Stein - Honky Tonk Piano (The Stein Way) MG 20365 Carl Stevens - "Skin" And Bones MG 20366 The Flying Platters Around The World MG 20367 Robert Clary/Pete Rugolo - Gigi MG 20368 The Diamonds Meet Pete Rugolo MG 20369 Richard Hayman - The Great Motion Picture Themes Of Victor Young MG 20370 Sarah Vaughan - Vaughan And Violins MG 20371 Herman Clebanoff/The Clebanoff Strings - Songs From Great Films MG 20372 Buddy Morrow/Eddie Layton - Just We Two MG 20373 Joe Loco - Rockin' Cha MG 20374 Rozelle Gayle - Like, Be My Guest MG 20375 Dick Contino At The Fabulous Flamingo MG 20376 Mike Nichols/Elaine May - Improvisations To Music MG 20377 Eddie Layton - Better Layton Than Ever MG 20378 The River Boat Five - From Natchez To Mobile MG 20379 The River Boat Five - Ma! They're Comin' Down Th Street MG 20380 Vernon Duke/Pete Rugolo - Time Remembered MG 20382 Sandor Lakatos - Play Gypsies, Dance Gypsies MG 20383 Sarah Vaughan - After Hours At The London House MG 20385 Pierre Challet - Strings In Hi-Fi MG 20387 Patti Page Sings Let's Get Away From It All MG 20388 Patti Page - I've Heard That Song Before MG 20389 David Carroll - Repercussion MG 20390 Ruth Olay - Easy Living MG 20391 Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - Harmonica Cha-Cha MG 20392 The Magic Touch Of Buck Ram MG 20393 Griff Williams - Oldies But Goodies MG 20394 Eric Steele - Selections From Porgy And Bess And Show Boat MG 20395 Ralph Marterie And His Marlboro Men - Dance Party MG 20396 Buddy Morrow - Night Train MG 20397 Ralph Marterie And His Marlboro Men - Hi-Fidelity Concert MG 20398 Patti Page - On Camera ... Favorites From TV MG 20399 Patti Page - Patti (not released?)

MG 20400 Ernestine Anderson - The Toast Of The Nation's Critics MG 20401 Distinguished Violin Of Eddie South MG 20402 The Big Bopper - Chantilly Lace MG 20403 Jon Hall Directs Music From Honolulu MG 20404 Jan Marek And The Vienna Light Opera Orchestra - Viennese Ballroom MG 20405 Patti Page - Indiscretion MG 20406 Patti Page - I'll Remember April MG 20407 J Lawrence Cook - Piano-Roll Rock 'N Roll MG 20408 Jan August - Cha-Cha Charm MG 20409 Harry Arnold - The Moon And The Stars MG 20410 The Platters - Remember When? MG 20411 David Carroll - Show Stoppers MG 20412 Sister Rosetta Tharpe - The Gospel Truth MG 20413 Clyde Otis - America's Dance Favorites MG 20414 Dick Contino - Squeeze Me MG 20415 Shay Torrent - Sound Spectrum MG 20416 The Clebanoff Strings - Songs From Great Shows MG 20417 Patti Page - Three Little Words MG 20418 Frank D'Rone Sings MG 20419 Wal-Berg And His Orchestra - A Night At The Opera MG 20420 Hal Mooney - An Affair To Remember MG 20421 Brook Benton - It's Just A Matter Of Time MG 20422 The River Boat Five Take The Train MG 20423 Jimmy Palmer - Dancing At The Roosevelt MG 20424 Sil Austin - Plays Pretty For The People (Ruby) A Swingin' Love Affair MG-20425 Peter Palmer and his Orchestra - A Swingin' Love Affair [Also issued as SR-60097 ]
Let's Fall In Love/Love Is Here To Stay/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/How High The Moon/I Only Have Eyes For You/ Too Marvelous For Words
This Can't Be Love/Love Is Just Around The Corner/The Glory Of Love/My Funny Valentine/I Could Write A Book/ Almost Like Being In Love

MG 20426 Eddie Layton - Caravan MG 20427 Greene And Iles - Keep It Gay - Conversational Music MG 20428 Richard Hayman - Only Memories MG 20429 The Moods Of Taft Jordan MG 20430 The Gaylords - That's Amore MG 20431 Richard Hayman - Caramba! - Exotic Sounds Of The Americas MG 20432 Eddy Howard - Great For Dancing MG 20433 Eddie Layton - At The Mighty Wurlitzer MG 20434 Sil Austin/Red Prysock - Battle Royal! MG 20435 Untamed! - The Exciting Voice Of Elizabeth Lands MG 20436 It's Easy To Dance With Florian Zabach MG 20437 Ralph Marterie - Music For A Private Eye MG 20438 Magic Of Sarah Vaughan MG 20439 Dinah Washington - The Queen! MG 20440 Terry Gibbs - Launching A New Sound In Music MG 20441 Sarah Vaughan - No Count Sarah MG 20442 A Map Of Jimmy Cleveland MG 20443 Franz Jackson And His Dixieland All Stars - Jazz Concert Tonight (not released) MG 20444 Quincy Jones - The Birth Of A Band! MG 20445 Eddie Heywood - Breezin' Along With The Breeze MG 20447 Buddy Collette And His Swinging Shepherds At The Cinema! MG 20448 Buddy Rich/Max Roach - Rich Versus Roach MG 20449 Cannonball Adderley Quintet In Chicago MG 20450 Jimmy Cleveland - Crazy Rhythm (not released?) MG 20451 Buddy Rich - Richcraft MG 20453 A Profile Of Gerry Mulligan MG 20454 Tony Williams - A Girl Is A Girl Is A Girl MG 20456 Northwestern Men's Glee Club/William Ballard - Broadway Goes To College MG 20457 Max Roach - A Little Sweet (not released) MG 20460 Jimmy McPartland/Art Hodes - Meet Me In Chicago MG 20461 Buddy Rich - The Voice Is Rich MG 20463 June Valli And Florian Zabach - Do It Yourself Wedding Album MG 20464 Brook Benton - Endlessly MG 20465 Richard Hayman - Voodoo! MG 20466 The Clebanoff Strings - Songs From Great Operettas MG 20469 Lou Stein & John Cali - Honky Tonk Piano And A Hot Banjo MG 20470 David Carroll - Let's Dance Again MG 20471 Dick Contino/Eddie Layton - In The Mood MG 20472 The Platters - Encore Of Golden Hits MG 20473 Chuck Little/Vince Dane/Herb Mason - Presenting Little, Dane, And Mason MG 20474 Patti Page - Sings The Great Ones (not released?) MG 20475 Patti Page - Sings The Best Of America (not released?) MG 20477 George Jones - Sings White Lightning And Other Favorites MG 20478 The Fantastic Johnny Horton MG 20479 Dinah Washington - What A Diff'rence A Day Makes MG 20480 The Diamonds - Songs From The Old West MG 20481 The Platters - Reflections MG 20483 Clebanoff Strings And Orchestra - More Songs From Great Films MG 20485 Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - Harmonically Yours MG 20486 Clebanoff Plays Great Songs Of The Continent MG 20487 Peter Palmer - A Swingin' Dance Time MG 20488 Eddie Barclay - Twilight Time MG 20491 Max Roach - Quiet As It's Kept MG 20492 Ernestine Anderson - The Fascinating Ernestine MG 20493 V.A. - 14 Newies But Goodies MG 20494 Let's Dance Awhile To The Griff Williams' Style MG 20495 Patti Page - Golden Hits MG 20496 Ernestine Anderson - My Kinda Swing MG 20497 Frank D'Rone - Try A Little Tenderness MG 20498 Eddie Layton - Skatin' With Layton MG 20499 Rusty Draper - Hits That Sold A Million

MG 20500 Richard Hayman - Play Rodgers & Hammerstein's "The Sound Of Music" MG 20502 Stanley Wilson - Original TV Music From Wagon Train MG 20503 David Carroll - Solo Encores MG 20506 Ralph Marterie And The All Star Men - Big Band Man MG 20508 Barney Richards And His Rebels - Dixie In Hi Society MG 20509 The River Boat Five On A Swinging Date MG 20511 V.A. - Golden Goodies MG 20512 Red Prysock - Swing Softly Red MG 20513 Jan August Plays Great Piano Hits MG 20514 Skinnay Ennis Salutes Hal Kemp (not released) MG 20515 Pete Candoli/Conte Candoli - Two For The Money MG 20516 Patti Page With The Pete Rugolo All Stars MG 20517 Pete Rugolo - Percussion At Work MG 20518 Terry Gibbs/Steve Allen/Gus Bivona - Allen's All Stars MG 20519 Buddy Collette's Swinging Shepherds MG 20520 Harry Arnold + Big Band + Quincy Jones = Jazz! MG 20521 Eddie Chamblee - Doodlin' MG 20522 Cat Anderson - Cat On A Hot Tin Horn MG 20523 Dinah Washington/Terry Gibbs/Max Roach/Don Elliott - Newport '58 MG 20524 Max Roach + 4 At Newport MG 20525 Dinah Washington Sings Fats Waller MG 20526 Gene Rodgers - Jazz Comes To The Astor MG 20527 The Jazz Pickers - For Moderns Only MG 20528 Pete Rugolo - Rugolo Plays Kenton MG 20529 Max Roach With The Boston Percussion Ensemble MG 20530 Cannonball Adderley - Jump For Joy MG 20531 Cannonball Adderley - Cannonball's Sharpshooters MG 20532 The Max Roach 4 Plays Charlie Parker MG 20533 John Graas! MG 20535 Terry Gibbs - More Vibes On Velvet MG 20536 The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Down To Earth MG 20537 Pete Rugolo - The Music From Richard Diamond MG 20538 Max Roach - Jazz In 3/4 Time MG 20539 Max Roach - Moon Faced And Starry Eyed MG 20540 The Devine Sarah Vaughan MG 20541 not used MG 20542 Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs With The Foggy Mountain Boys MG 20543 Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars - A Building Is Many Buildings (not released) MG 20544 Goldie Hawkins - An Evening At Goldie's New York MG 20545 Joe Saye - A Wee Bit Of Jazz MG 20546 The Modernaires - Like Swung MG 20547 Ruth Olay - Olay! MG 20548 Patti Page - The West Side MG 20549 Patti Page - The East Side MG 20550 Pete Rugolo - Music From Out Of Space MG 20551 Pete Rugolo - Rhythm Meets Rugolo MG 20552 Bill Harris - Jazz Guitar MG 20553 Jimmy Cleveland - Cleveland Style MG 20554 Terry Gibbs Plays The Duke MG 20555 Lennie Niehaus - I Swing For You MG 20556 Maynard Ferguson - Boy With Lots Of Brass MG 20557 The Jazz Pickers Featuring Red Norvo MG 20558 Eddie Chamblee - Chamblee Music MG 20559 Max Roach + 4 On The Chicago Scene MG 20561 The Great Wide World Of Quincy Jones MG 20562 Charlie Shavers - Here Comes Charlie (not released) MG 20564 V.A. - The Velvet Violins MG 20565 Brook Benton - I Love You In So Many Ways MG 20567 Sophie Tucker - In Person - Adults Only MG 20568 Miyoshi Umeki - Miyoshi MG 20569 Stephane Grappelli - A Page From Gershwin (not released?) MG 20570 Sweet And Spanish - Lourdes Sings American Favorites In Spanish MG 20571 Clyde Otis - Love Letters MG 20572 Dinah Washington - Unforgettable MG 20573 Patti Page - Just A Closer Walk With Thee MG 20574 Dinah Washington - For Those In Love (not released?) MG 20575 Stanley Wilson - The Original Jazz Score From Shotgun Slade MG 20576 Sil Austin - Soft Plaintive And Moody! MG 20577 The Clebanoff Strings - The World's Great Waltzes (not released?) MG 20578 The Clebanoff Strings - Love Themes From Great Films MG 20579 Dinah Washington - It's Dinah In Bluesville! (not released) MG 20580 Sarah Vaughan - Close To You MG 20581 V.A. - 14 More Newies But Goodies MG 20582 Ernestine Anderson - Moanin' MG 20583 V.A. - More Golden Goodies - Songs That Sold A Million MG 20585 Dinah Washington - Dinah Might Blues (not released) MG 20586 Frank D'Rone With Billy May And His Orchestra - After The Ball MG 20587 Frankie Laine With Mannie Klein's All Stars (no details) MG 20588 Dinah Washington/Brook Benton - The Two Of Us MG 20590 Eddie Heywood At The Piano MG 20591 The Platters - More Encores Of Golden Hits MG 20592 Johnny Preston - Running Bear MG 20594 Max Roach - Parisian Sketches (not released) MG 20595 Buddy Rich - The Driver (not released) MG 20596 George Jones Salutes Hank Williams MG 20597 Clyde McPhatter - Ta Ta! MG 20598 not used MG 20599 Patti Page - Sings And Stars In Elmer Gantry MG 20600 Bob Brookmeyer - Jazz Is A Kick MG 20601 Wal-Berg And His Orchestra - Exotic Music From The Far East MG 20602 Brook Benton - Songs I Love To Sing MG 20604 Dinah Washington - I Concentrate On You MG 20605 Jazz Renaissance Quintet - Movin' Easy MG 20606 Al Cohn/Zoot Sims - You 'N Me MG 20607 Brook Benton Golden Hits MG 20608 The Sound Of Griff Williams MG 20609 Johnny Preston - Come Rock With Me MG 20610 Jose Melis On Broadway MG 20611 The Songs And Comedy Of The Smothers Brothers At The Purple Onion MG 20612 Quincy Jones - I Dig Dancers MG 20614 Dinah Washington - For Lonely Lovers MG 20615 Patti Page - Sings Country And Western Golden Hits MG 20616 Cannonball Adderley - Cannonball Enroute MG 20617 Sarah Vaughan - My Heart Sings MG 20618 Jan August - Accent! MG 20619 Brook Benton - If You Believe MG 20620 The Gaylords - American Hits In Italian MG 20621 George Jones' Greatest Hits MG 20622 Dinah Washington - The Good Old Days (not released) MG 20623 Dinah Washington - More Of The Good Old Days (not released?) MG 20625 The Plainsmen Gospel Quartet - Someone's Watching Over You MG 20626 Tom & Jerry - Guitar's Greatest Hits MG 20627 Charles Mingus - Pre-Bird MG 20628 Gigi Gryce Orch-tette - Reminiscin' MG 20629 The River Boat Five - Roaring Twenties MG 20630 Dancin' And Singin' With Tiny Hill MG 20631 Tiny Hill - Golden Hits NEED PHOTO MG-20632 Eddie Heywood - One For My Baby

MG 20635 Dick Contino - Roman Holiday MG 20637 Billy Eckstine - Broadway, Bongos And Mr. "B" MG 20638 Dinah Washington - September In The Rain MG 20639 Eddie Layton - Great Organ Hits MG 20640 Clebanoff And His Orchestra - King Of Kings MG 20641 Brook Benton - Boll Weevil Song And 11 Other Great Hits MG 20642 Damita Jo - I'll Save The Last Dance For You MG 20643 Abbe Lane With Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra MG 20644 Tony Martin - Golden Hits MG 20645 Sarah Vaughan's Golden Hits MG 20646 not used MG 20647 Dave "Baby" Cortez And His Happy Organ MG 20648 Jose Melis In Movieland MG 20649 David Carroll - Let's Dance, Dance, Dance MG 20650 Dinah Washington - Dinah Uncensored (not released) MG 20651 V.A. - The Chart Winners MG 20652 The Lush Side Of Cannonball Adderley MG 20653 Quincy Jones - At Newport '61 MG 20654 Billy Taylor - The Original Jazz Score Of Kwamina MG 20655 Clyde McPhatter - Golden Blues MG 20656 Little Richard - It's Real - King Of The Gospel Singers MG 20657 Rusty Draper - Country & Western Golden Greats MG 20658 Claude Gray - Songs Of Broken Love Affairs MG 20659 Jan August - Styles The Great Pop Piano Classic MG 20660 David Carroll - Mexico And 11 Other Great Hits MG 20661 Dinah Washington - Tears And Laughter MG 20662 Erroll Garner - Plays Misty MG 20663 Sil Austin - Golden Saxophone Hits MG 20664 Carl Stevens - High Society Twist MG 20666 Griff Williams - Won't You Dance With Me MG 20667 Jan August - Styles Great International Hits MG 20669 The Platters - Songs For The Lonely MG 20670 Riverboat Five - In Person At The Banjo Palace Mercury MG-20672 Josh White - Josh White At The Town Hall [1961]

MG 20673 Brook Benton - There Goes That Song Again MG 20674 Billy Eckstine/Quincy Jones - At Basin Street East MG 20675 The Two Sides Of The Smothers Brothers MG 20678 Del Wood - Ragtime Goes South Of The Border MG 20679 Roland Kirk - We Free Kings MG 20680 Examine Doctors - Mike Nichols & Elaine May MG 20681 not used MG 20682 Leroy Van Dyke - Walk On By MG 20685 Buddy DeFranco - Tommy Gumina Quartet (no details) MG 20687 V.A. - DeeJay's Choice MG 20688 David Carroll - Let's Dance To The Movie Themes MG 20689 Patti Page - Sings Country And Western Golden Hits, Vol. 2 MG 20690 David Carroll - Galaxy MG 20691 Bill Kenny - Golden Hits Of The Ink Spots MG 20692 Slappy White - At The Playboy Club MG 20695 Gaylords At The Shamrock MG 20696 Joe Newman Quintet At Count Basie's MG 20697 Mike Simpson And His Raunch Hands - Dixie Twist MG 20698 Art Farmer - Benny Golson Jazztet - Here And Now

MG 20700 Jimmy Skinner Sings Jimmy Rodgers Bobby Scott - Joyful Noises MG-20701 Bobby Scott - Joyful Noises [1962]

MG 20702 Buddy Morrow - Night Train Goes To Hollywood MG 20703 Damita Jo Live At The Diplomat MG 20704 Terry Gibbs - Explosion! MG 20705 Xavier Cugat - Twist With Cugat MG 20706 Pete Rugolo - TV's Top Themes MG 20707 V.A. - All-American Goes Country Style MG 20708 Ted Weems' Golden Hits MG 20710 Eligibles - Mike Fright! MG 20711 Clyde McPhatter - Lover Please MG 20712 Patti Page - Golden Hits Of The Boys MG 20713 Del Wood - Ragtime Goes International MG 20715 Walter Haynes - Steel Guitar Sounds MG 20716 Leroy Van Dyke - Movin' Van Dyke MG 20717 Northwestern Men's Glee Club - Hymns Of Strength & Sentiment MG 20718 Claude Gray - Country Goes To Town MG 20721 Frank D'Rone In Person MG 20722 Billy Taylor - Impromptu MG 20723 Tiny Hill Sings And Plays The Hits Of World War I MG 20724 Josh White - The Beginning MG 20725 The Tornados - Dig These Dances MG 20726 Hal Mooney - 50 Years Of Dancing MG 20727 The Best Of James O'Gwynn MG 20728 Saint Olaf Lutheran Choir - 50 Golden Years MG 20729 Dinah Washington - I Wanna Be Loved MG 20730 Clyde McCoy - Blue Prelude MG 20732 Ray Stevens With The Merry Melody Singers - 1,837 Seconds Of Humor MG 20736 Billy Eckstine - Don't Worry 'Bout Me MG 20737 Art Farmer - Benny Golson Jazztet - Another Git Together MG 20739 David Carroll - Let's Dance To America's Waltz Favorites MG 20740 Brook Benton - Lie To Me / Singing The Blues MG 20742 The Gaylords - Party Style MG 20743 Buddy DeFranco/Tommy Gumina - Kaleidoscope MG 20744 Jan August Plays A Collection Of 27 Popular Classical Melodies MG 20745 Xavier Cugat - Most Popular Movie Hits As Styled By Cugat MG 20746 Eddie Layton At The Hammond Organ - All-Time 3/4 Time Hits MG 20747 George Jones/Margie Singleton - Duets Country Style MG 20748 Roland Kirk - Domino MG 20749 The Folksters - New...In Folk MG 20750 Clyde McPhatter - Rhythm And Soul Quincy Jones - Big Band Bossa Nova MG-20751 Quincy Jones - Big Band Bossa Nova [Mono]

MG 20752 Rex Allen - Sings And Tells Tales MG 20756 Tom & Jerry - Guitar's Greatest Hits, Vol. II MG 20757 The Harry Simeone Chorale Sing Broadway's Best Shows 1963 MG 20758 Patti Page - On Stage MG 20759 The Platters - Moonlight Memories MG 20760 Max Roach - Parisian Sketches MG 20761 Shirley Horn - Loads Of Love MG 20763 Phil Moore - New York Sweet MG 20764 Eddie Layton/Buddy Morrow - A Collection Of 33 All-Time Dance Favorites MG 20765 Dinah Washington - This Is My Story, Vol. 1 MG 20767 Bobby Scott - When The Feeling Hits You MG 20768 Bob James - Bold Conceptions MG 20769 Dinah Washington - This Is My Story, Vol. 2 MG 20770 Anita Carter Sings Folk Songs Old And New MG 20771 Yeomen - Session One MG 20772 The Courriers - Carry On MG 20773 Lester Flatt/Earl Scruggs - The Original Sound MG 20774 Brook Benton - Golden Hits, Vol. 2 MG 20775 Sil Austin Plays Folk Songs MG 20776 The Three Sounds - Play Jazz On Broadway MG-20777 Smothers Brothers - The Funny Side Of The Smothers Brothers (Think Ethnic!) MG 20778 Inman & Ira - Singing Spokesmen For The New Generation MG 20779 unknown artists - The Sound Of Lights (not released) MG 20780 The Knob Lick Upper 10,000 MG 20781 Ernie Sheldon & Joyce James - Sing Of Laughter, Beauty And Compassion MG 20782 The Platters - All Time Movie Hits MG 20783 Clyde McPhatter's Greatest Hits MG 20784 OST - 40 Pounts Of Trouble MG 20785 Faron Young - This Is Faron MG 20786 David Carroll - Today's Top Hits MG 20787 First Church Of Deliverance Choir - Songs Of Deliverance MG 20788 Dinah Washington - Golden Hits, Vol. 1 MG 20789 Dinah Washington - Golden Hits, Vol. 2 MG 20790 Gisele MacKenzie - Songs Of Loser's Lulabies MG 20795 V.A. - Spring Is Here MG 20796 Billy Eckstine - Golden Hits MG 20797 Hugh Masekela - Trumpet Africaine - The New Beat From South Africa MG 20798 Xavier Cugat - Cugat's Golden Goodies MG 20799 Quincy Jones - Plays Hip Hits MG 20800 Roland Kirk - Reeds And Deeds MG 20801 Benny Golson - Turning Point MG 20802 The Great Hits Of Leroy Van Dyke MG 20803 Erroll Garner - Best Of Garner MG 20804 Del Wood - Piano Roll Blues MG 20805 Lesley Gore - I'll Cry If I Want To MG 20806 The Shacklefords - Until You've Heard ... You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet MG 20807 not used MG 20808 The Platters Sing ... !Latino! MG 20809 V.A. - Original Golden Hits Of The Great Groups MG 20810 V.A. - Hit Motion Picture Themes MG 20811 V.A. - Broadway's Big Hits MG 20812 Terry Gibbs - Plays Jewish Melodies In Jazztime MG 20813 V.A. - Irving Berlin Songs MG 20815 Boris Karloff - Tales Of The Frightened, Vol. 1 MG 20816 Boris Karloff - Tales Of The Frightened, Vol. 2 MG 20818 Damita Jo - This One's For Me Josh White - The Beginning Vol 2 MG-20821 Josh White - The Beginning Vol 2 [1963]

MG 20822 Big Bill Broonzy Memorial MG 20823 Terry Gibbs - El Nutto (not released) MG 20826 V.A. - Original Golden Hits Of The Great Blues Singers MG 20827 Clifford Brown - Remember Clifford MG 20829 Dinah Washington - The Good Old Days MG 20830 Brook Benton - Best Ballads Of Broadway MG 20831 Sarah Vaughan - Sassy Swings The Tivoli MG 20832 Xavier Cugat - Cugi's Cocktails MG 20833 Buddy DeFranco/Tommy Gumina - Pol-Y-Tones MG 20835 Shirley Horn With Horn MG 20836 The Ballad Side Of George Jones MG 20838 The Chad Mitchell Trio - Singin' Our Minds MG 20839 The Three Sounds - Some Like It Modern MG 20840 Faron Young - Aims At The West MG 20843 Buddie Emmons - Steel Guitar Jazz MG 20844 The Roland Kirk Quartet Meets The Benny Golson Orchestra MG 20845 Don Tiare & Orch Exotiqu - The Music Of Les Baxter MG 20847 Anita Carter Of The Carter Family MG 20849 Lesley Gore Sings Of Mixed-Up Hearts MG 20850 not used MG 20851 not used MG 20854 Bobby Scott - 108 Pounds Of Heartache MG 20855 Harry Simeone - The Wonderful Songs Of Folk MG 20856 Jerry Byrd - Blue Hawaiian Steel Guitar MG 20857 V.A. - Hootenanny Bluegrass Style MG 20858 The Country Gentleman - Folk Session Inside MG 20859 Erroll Garner With Full Orchestra - Music From The Paramount Motion Picture "A New Kind Of Love" MG 20862 The Smothers Brothers - Curb Your Toung, Knave MG 20863 Quincy Jones - Explores Music Of Henry Mancini MG 20864 Dave Van Ronk - Ragtime Jug Stompers MG 20879 The Freedom Singers - We Shall Overcome MG 20883 Roy Drusky - Songs Of The Cities MG 20886 Brook Benton - Born To Sing The Blues MG 20887 The Clebanoff Strings - A Film Concert MG 20888 Xavier Cugat - Cugat Caricatures MG 20889 Moms Mabley - Out On A Limb MG 20891 The Chad Mitchell Trio - Reflecting MG 20892 not used MG 20893 The Platters - Encore Of Golden Hits Of The Groups MG 20894 Roland Kirk - Kirk In Copenhagen MG 20895 The Glaciers - From Sea To Ski MG 20896 Faron Young - Story Songs For Country Folks

MG 20897 not used MG 20899 Dave Dudley - Songs About The Working Man

MG 20900 Buddy DeFranco/Tommy Gumina - The Girl From Ipanema

MG 20901 Lesley Gore - Boys, Boys, Boys

MG 20902 Clyde McPhatter - Songs Of The Big City

MG 20903 Diane Ray - Exciting Years

MG 20904 The Smothers Brothers - It Must Have Been Something I Said!

MG 20905 Big Bill Broonzy - Remembering Big Bill

MG 20906 George Jones - Blue And Lonesome

MG 20907 Moms Mabley - Mom's The Word

MG 20908 Just Dave Van Ronk

MG 20909 Patti Page - Blue Dream Street

MG 20910 Eddy Howard - Intimately Yours

MG 20911 Max Roach - The Many Sides Of Max

MG 20914 The Searchers - Hear! Hear!

MG 20916 Billy Eckstine - The Modern Sound Of Mr. B

MG 20917 Alone With Ronnie Gilbert

MG 20918 Brook Benton - On The Country Side

MG 20921 The Three Sounds Live At The Living Room

MG 20925 Sil Austin Plays Pretty Melodies Of The World

MG 20926 David Carroll - Music Makes Me Want To Dance!

MG 20928 Dinah Washington/Quincy Jones - Queen And Quincy

MG 20931 Faron Young - Country Dance Favorites

MG 20934 Brook Benton - This Bitter Earth

MG 20935 David Carroll And His Kookettes - Golden Oldies For Today's Teens

MG 20937 George Jones - Country & Western, #1 Male Singer

MG 20938 Quincy Jones - Golden Boy

MG 20939 Roland Kirk - Gifts And Messages

MG 20940 The Hondells - Go Little Honda [1964]

MG 20941 Sarah Vaughan - Viva! Vaughan

MG 20943 Lesley Gore - Girl Talk

MG 20944 The Slightly Irreverent Mitchell Trio

MG 20952 Patti Page - The Nearness Of You

MG 20953 Richard Hayman - Harmonica Holiday

MG 20961 not used

MG 20964 V.A. - Dancing Discotheque

MG 20965 Billy Lee Riley - Big Harmonica Special

MG 20966 not used

MG 20967 not used

MG 20969 not used

MG 20972 Eddy Howard Sings The Great Ones

MG 20974 Billy Lee Riley - Harmonica Beatlemania

MG 20975 Oscar Peterson Trio + One, Clark Terry

MG 20977 V.A. - The Sounds Of The Silly Surfers

MG 20979 Allen & Rossi - In Person - A Laughing Live Recording At The Sands Hotel, Las Vegas

MG 20981 Julie Rogers

MG 20982 The Hondells

MG 20984 The Red Ryders - Lookin' Good, Soundin' Good

MG 20985 Billy Lee Riley - Whiskey' A Go Go Presents

MG 20986 Discover The Bitter End Singers

MG 20987 Bonnie Dobson - For The Love Of Him

MG 20989 Aesop's Fables - The Smothers Brothers Way

MG 20993 Horst Jankowski - The Genius Of Jankowski

MG 20994 The Searchers Meet The Rattles

MG 20995 Bobby Scott - I Had A Ball

MG 20999 Dave Dudley - Rural Route, #1

Mercury MG-21073 Johnny Mathis - The Shadow of your smile

Mercury MG-21091 Johnny Mathis - So Nice

Mercury MG-21107 Johnny Mathis - Sings

Xavier Cugat  - Dance With Cugat Mercury MG-25149 Xavier Cugat - Dance With Cugat [10"]

Mercury MG 36000 Dinah Washington - Dinah!

Mercury MG 36001 Errol Garner - Errol Garner Contrasts

Mercury MG 36002 Varied - Jam Session

Mercury MG 36003 Paul Quinichette - Moods

Mercury MG 36004 Sarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan

Mercury MG 36005 Clifford Brown - Clifford Brown With Strings

Mercury MG 36006 Helen Merrill - Helen Merrill

Mercury MG 36007 Cherry Terry - Cherry Terry

Mercury MG 36008 Clifford Brown And Max Roach - Brown And Roach, Inc.

Mercury MG 36009 Maynard Ferguson - Jam Session

Mercury MG 36010 Billy Eckstine - I Surrender Dear

Mercury MG 36011 Dinah Washington - For Those In Love

Mercury MG 36012 Lars Gullin - Lars Gullin

Mercury MG 36013 Bud Freeman - Midnight At Eddie Condon's

Mercury MG 36014 Joe Turner and Pete Johnson - Joe Turner and Pete Johnson

Mercury MG 36015 Charlie Ventura - Jumping With Ventrua

Mercury MG 36016 All Stars - The Advance Garde of the '40s

Mercury MG 36017 All Stars - Trumpet Interlude

Mercury MG 36018 All Stars - Alto Altitude

Mercury MG 36019 Ralph Gari - Ralph Gari

Mercury MG 36020 Kelly White - Kelly White

Mercury MG 36021 Maynard Ferguson and His Orchestra - Maynard Ferguson and His Orchestra

Mercury MG 36022 Irving Fazola's Dixielanders and George Hartman and His Orchestra - New Orleans Express

Mercury MG 36023 All Stars - Battle Of The Saxes

Mercury MG 36024 Herb Geller - The Gellers

Mercury MG 36025 Joe Gordon - Introducing Joe Gordon

Mercury MG 36026 Erroll Garner - Garnering

Mercury MG 36027 Paul Quinichette - The Vice Pres

Mercury MG 36028 Dinah Washington - After Hours With Miss "D"

Mercury MG 36029 Billy Eckstine - Blues For Sale

Mercury MG 36030 Billy Eckstine - The Love Songs of Mr. "B"

Mercury MG 36031 James Moody - The Moody Story

Mercury MG 36032 Lionel Hampton - Hamp In Paris

Mercury MG 36033 Phil Napoleon's Emperors of Jazz - Dixieland Classics

Mercury MG 36034 Lionel Hampton - Crazy Rhythm

Mercury MG 36035 Lionel Hampton - Jam Session In Paris

Mercury MG 36036 Clifford Brown And Max Roach - Clifford Brown And Max Roach

Mercury MG 36037 Clifford Brown And Max Roach - Study In Brown

Mercury MG 36038 Trombone All Stars - Boning Up On 'Bones

Mercury MG 36038 Trombone All Stars - Boning Up On 'Bones

Mercury MG 36039 All Stars - Best Coast Jazz

Mercury MG 36040 Herb Geller - The Herb Geller Sextette

Mercury MG 36041 Mal Fitch - Mal Fitch

Mercury MG 36042 Eddie Heywood - Eddie Heywood

Mercury MG 36043 Julian "Cannonball" Adderley - Julian "Cannonball" Adderley

Mercury MG 36044 Dimensions featuring Maynard Ferguson - Dimensions featuring Maynard Ferguson

Mercury MG 36045 Herb Geller - Herb Geller Plays

Mercury MG 36046 Maynard Ferguson - Maynard Ferguson's Hollywood Party

Mercury MG 36047 Terry Gibbs - Terry Gibbs

Mercury MG 36048 The Jazz Giants Varied - Vol. 1

Mercury MG 36049 The Jazz Giants The Piano Players - Vol. 2

Mercury MG 36050 The Jazz Giants Reeds Part I - Vol. 3

Mercury MG 36051 The Jazz Giants Reeds Part II - Vol. 3

Mercury MG 36052 The Jazz Giants Folk Blues - Vol. 4

Mercury MG 36053 The Jazz Giants Brass - Vol. 5

Mercury MG 36054 The Jazz Giants Modern Swedes - Vol. 6

Mercury MG 36055 The Jazz Giants Dixieland - Vol. 7

Mercury MG 36056 Gerry Mulligan - Presneting The Gerry Mulligan Sextette

Mercury MG 36057 Helen Merrill - Helen Merrill With Strings

Mercury MG 36058 Sarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan In The Land Of Hi-Fi

Mercury MG 36059 Lars Gullin with the Moretone Singers - Lars Gullin with the Moretone Singers

Mercury MG 36060 Georgie Auid - Georgie Auid In The Land Of Hi-Fi

Mercury MG 36061 The John Williams Trio - The John Williams Trio

Mercury MG 36062 The Max Bruel Quartet - The Max Bruel Quartet

Mercury MG 36063 Julian "Cannonball" Adderley - Julian "Cannonball" Adderley and Stings

Mercury MG 36064 Terry Gibbs - Vibes On Velvet

Mercury MG 36065 Dinah Washington - Dinah!

MGW 12110 Frankie Laine - Sings His All Time Favorites

Sarah Vaughan * Billy Eckstine - Sing The Best Of Irving Berlin Mercury MMC 14035 Sarah Vaughan * Billy Eckstine - Sing The Best Of Irving Berlin

Alexander's Ragtime Band/Isn't This A Lovely Day/I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm/ All Of My Life/Cheek To Cheek//
You're Just In Love/Remember/Always/Easter Parade/The Girl That I Marry/Now It Can Be Told

Art Farmer/Benny Golson Jazztet - Here & Now Mercury MMC 14114 Art Farmer/Benny Golson Jazztet - Here & Now [1962]

Mercury PPS 2010 Richard Hayman - conducts Pop Concert in Sound!

Mercury PPS 2013 Hal Mooney - Woodwinds & Percussion

Xavier Cugat - Viva Cugat! PPS 6003 Xavier Cugat - Viva Cugat!

Jungle Concerto/Perfida/The Peanut Vendor/Tropical Merengue/Nightingale/Isle of Capri//
Siboney/Jungle Drums/Anna/Maria Elena/Poinciana/Say Si Si

Mercury PPS 6005 Richard Hayman - Harmonica Holiday

Mercury PPS 6028 Billy Byers - Impressions of Duke Ellington

Mercury Pro 615 Greatest Hits & More 12" Single Promo

Mercury R 214447 Magical Memories

Michel Legrand - Violent Violins SML 30020 Michel Legrand - Violent Violins [Super Stereo Sound] [1964]

Di - Gue - Ding - Ding/Noix de Coco/Orange Blossom Special/Come Ray and Come Charles/Hi Girls !/Manhattan Stroll//
Alcatraz/da - We - Da/Monkey Business/Come Ride With Me/Motor City/Bandol

Mercury SR 60012 Terry Gibbs - LAUNCHING A NEW BAND [1959]

Mercury SR 60095 Jimmy Palmer - Dancing at the Roosevelt

My Love Is Deep SR-60097 Peter Palmer and his Orchestra - A Swingin' Love Affair [Also issued as MG-20425 ]
Let's Fall In Love/Love Is Here To Stay/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/How High The Moon/I Only Have Eyes For You/ Too Marvelous For Words
This Can't Be Love/Love Is Just Around The Corner/The Glory Of Love/My Funny Valentine/I Could Write A Book/ Almost Like Being In Love

Mercury SR 60006 Dick Contino and His Orchestra - It's Dance Time

Mercury SR 60053 Steve Allen - Swingin' and Dancin'

Mercury SR 60562 Eddy Howard - Golden Hits [1959]

Mercury SR 60665 Eddy Howard - Sings and plays the great old waltzes

Mercury SR 60677 S Clyde McCoy - Really McCoy

Mercury SR 60814 Eddie Layton - Folk Sounds

Mercury SR 60817 Eddy Howard - Sings and plays the Great Band Hits

Mercury SR 60972 Eddy Howard - sings the Great Ones

Mercury SR 61041 Johnny Mathis - The Sweetheart Tree

Mercury SR 61066 Lesley Gore - All About Love [1966]

Mercury SR 61073 Johnny Mathis - The Shadow of your smile

Mercury SR 61308 Erroll Garner - Feeling is Believing [1964]

Mercury SR 61343 Jerry Lee Lewis - Touching Home

Mercury SR 80015 S Max Roach - Max Roach with the Boston Percussion Ensemble/Harold Farberman compositions & director

Mercury SRD 2 Music Sound Spectacular

Mercury SRM 1 609 Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells a Story

Mercury SRM 1 680 Rod Stewart - Sing it Again Rod

Mercury SRM 1 3706 Graham Parker and the Rumour - Stick to Me

Mercury SRM 1 3746 Paul Mauriat - Overseas [1978]

Mercury SRM 1 3793 Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes - The Jukes

Mercury SRM 1 3893 Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes - The Jukes

Mercury SRM 1 4025 Zamfir - Solitude

Mercury SRM 1 5006 Jerry Lee Lewis - The Best Of Jerry Lee Lewis, Volume II [1978]

Jerry Lee Lewis - Keeps Rockin SRM 1 5010 Jerry Lee Lewis - Keeps Rockin' [1978]

I'll Find It Where I Can/Blue Suede Shoes/I Hate You/Arkansas Seesaw/Lucille/The Last Cheater's Waltz//
Wild And Wooly Ways/Sweet Little Sixteen/Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes/Pee Wee's Place/Before The Night Is Over

SRM 1 5021 Jacky Ward - The best of Jacky Ward...up 'til now

SRM 2 7507 Rod Stewart - Best of Rod Stewart

Mercury SRW 16102 Buddy Morrow - Dance Date

Mercury SRW 16202 Frankie Laine - That's My Desire

Mercury SRW 16172 Florian Zabach - Golden Strings

Mercury Wing MGW 12143 100 Strings w/Phil Boutet and His orch. - 100 Strings Play

Mercury Wing MGW 12147 Dick Contino - An Accordion in Paris

Mercury Wing MGW 12157 Vic Damone - Tenderly

Mercury Wing SRW 16284 Discotheque

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